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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  June 20, 2014 3:59pm-4:31pm PDT

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>> this is "bbc world news america." >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good for over 30 years, kovler foundation, charles schwab, union bank, and united health care. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to know your business, offering specialized solutions and capital to help you meet your growth objectives. we offer expertise and tailored solutions for small businesses and major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news
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pregnant, i got more device than what i knew d d what to do with. united health care has a simple program that helps moms stay on track with their doctors before and after the baby is gonborn. >> that's health care. >> and now "bbc world news america." >> this is "bbc world news america." bash in iraqrack as sunni militants fight for control of the biggest oil refinery and a major airport. more refugees now than at any time since world war ii. a new u.n. report says 50 million people have been forced from their homes.
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come fly with me ♪ >> believe it or not, there was once a time when flying coach was glamorous. we will take you back to the big seats and flowing alcohol of air travel's early days. welcome to our viewers on public television it in america and around the globe. iraq's most influential shiite cleric is calling on his country's political party to form a new government quickly. says he wants the leadership to be more inclusive across iraq. the fighting continues. there have been fierce clashes over the airport and tell a far and control of the biggest oil refinery. paul adams reports. >> while isis fights its way
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across northern iraq, a sophisticate video tries to drive home the core message. this comes from social media accounts with no and links with isis. it was probably filmed in syria. it appears to show foreign jihadists intent on fighting any iraq.- infighting in the men in the film urge other committed muslims to follow suit. they say this is the land of jihad. the fighters are identified, but it's not clear if the names used are genuine or assumed full up their involvement in syria and perhaps iraq is a source of the concern in the west. recognize we should the dangers to britain of this situation where you've got islamist extremists and terrorists controlling part of this country. we believe it's absolutely right for the americans to work with the iraqis to confront these
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problems and we will help them support in that endeavor. north of baghdad, more fighting for the key oil refinery. a local army commander quoted as saying a new attack was launched last night. it supplies a quarter of all of iraq's fuel needs. more than a week of fighting has led to shortages. arehe north, kurdish troops patrolling the road frontline, looking for a isis fighters. the kurds have used this crisis to expand the territory under their control. part of a complex three-way battle underway in northern iraq. american firepower is ready, but president obama has made clear he does not intend to strike yet. he is sending military advisers to deal with the threat posed by isis, but for now he is concentrating on diplomatic firepower, not rude force. it is clear that washington sees
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the shia prime minister nouri al-maliki as part of the problem. would john kerry arrives, he al-maliki tog mr. share or relinquish power. representativer at friday prayers, the grand ayatollah called for the formation of an effective government. he said it should open new horizons towards a better future for all iraq ease. mr. al-maliki did well in election two months ago. he will be in no mood to step aside, even as fighting rages. the diplomatic war is just beginning. paul adams, bbc news. >> one of the places with heavy fighting is northeast of baghdad. frontlines with kurdish forces battling a isis militants and we have this report. a warning, contains distressing images. kurdish snipers
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have watched, waited, killed. as an army cameraman films, the officer shouts, hit them as they run. sniper's viewpoint, the body of an isis fighter. as the kurds film the record of a week fighting. here, isis suspects surrendering. strip for fearo there wearing suicide vests. the jihadi snipers are active, too. watch now as they just missed the kurds, bullets smashing into the earth. we traveled into the town with kurdish forces. coming against us, people fleeing the war. the government forces are now in control of this part of the town, but it's all very tentative.
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urban streetof fighting, things can change at any minute. just waiting for people to go past. they watch every vehicle coming through carefully because they know they could be used to smuggle explosives, they could have suicide bombers on board. and hidingill here their time. on this ridge, the troops watch the roadway to the south. they are determined to stop any isis advance into their territory. >> if they want to do any attacks, they have to use this road. >> a car approaches. there are nervous moments. but it is just a husband and wife. and then another family, fleeing toward safety. this is a particular neighborhood where we have the issue. i met the kurdish intelligence chief as he was briefed by senior commanders. he wants western support and urges the specter of foreign fighters to wage attacks. >> we don't want this to turn
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into another syria. this is also dangerous for the european countries. we believe there are a lot of foreigners amongst these people, europeans. we have seen numbers of europeans inside syria fighting side-by-side with isis. some of these people have come into iraq. the more comfortable they feel here, the more of a success story they show here, the sooner they will think about europe and target europe. and the western countries. ofbut for now, the violence iraq is experienced by the people of iraq. these are sunni villagers who fled because they say a shia militia attack them. this man said he had seen earned and mutilated bodies. as she had seen burned and mutilated bodies. he said the bodies were dumped in plastic bags.
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when we saw that, we took our families and left, he said. this girl and her sister lost their father in the killings. this is not a war of neighbor against neighbor, a simple narrative of religious hatred between iraq ease, but a country undone by war and political failure. i felt we were going to be killed right away, she says. me and my family. king, bbc news. >> families who are being pulled apart by this fighting. for more on the security situation and america's role, i'm joined by the state department director of policy planning during president obama's first term. she is now the president of the new america foundation. i wanted to pick up on something the kurdish intelligence chief
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said about the prospect of iraq becoming like syria. he said if we don't want to do happen, effectively in some areas of the country already is, isn't it? >> yes, i think in fact for a year people have been saying that the rise of isis in syria, a group that does not recognize a boundary between syria and iraq, was the contributing to the destabilization of iraq. the violence has been rising in iraq for four years, almost to levels we saw at the worst of the iran-iraq war. i'm sorry, to the u.s. invasion in iraq. in many ways, iraq is seeing a tremendous amount of violence and it is coming apart. >> you have written an editorial in the new york times that has a title of don't fight in iraq and ignore syria, but judging by what president obama said at the white house yesterday, it seems
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the president's decision has been not to fight in either pretty much, hasn't it? >> well, i think he is right to be going slowly. i really do. he is in the first place telling the al-maliki government we are not fighting for you, you are not doing what we have been saying is necessary, which is to govern with the shiites and kurds. pressureto put maximum to try to get a decent government in iraq. he also needs to figure out what's going on on the ground. he needs to try diplomacy with iran. i think he is proceeding sensibly. my point is just that you cannot seeck isis in iraq and not that from isis's point of view there are no boundaries between the two.
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force toilling to use stop the al qaeda groups among them fighting the government, but we are not willing to use force to stop the government for massacring them. i find that an untenable position to be in with respect to not only to the syrian people and people across the region but in terms of what we say we are trying to stand for and achieve. >> what should america's long-term goal be? the president said the only question that preoccupies him is what is in america's national security interest and for the moment the white house seems to have decided intervention on a major scale is not in america's national security interest. is that the right question for the white house to be asking? it is the right question for the white house to be asking, and i would agree that nobody is talking about roots on the ground. we are certainly not going back into iraq.
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the question is, what are our national security interests. the president seems to define that only as we need to protect americans from the threat of terrorism. i would say more broadly, we need to prevent the middle east from dissenting -- into dissenting into a 30 year war of horrible destabilization were effectively countries come apart. we cannot do that by ourselves. my point is that allowing a government, as the syrian government has done for it will be close to three years, to massacre its own people and destabilize the countries around it and give rise to something give rise to -- something like isis, it is in our national interest to use force enough to force the parties to the tables and work with the rest of the world to get a real solution. >> thank you very much for joining the program. >> thank you.
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>> the fighting in iraq will the rapidly growing population of refugees around the world. a new report released by the united nations says an astounding 51 people have been forced from their homes. that is the highest number since the second world war. matthew price sent us this exclusive report from off the coast of the northern mediterranean where he saw the italian navy rescue a boat full of syrian refugees. >> soon after dawn, the italian navy launched its latest rescue mission. area,g towards the overloaded and adrift at sea. 279 people squeeze on board. and desperate to get to safety.
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first, lifejackets, thrown over in plastic bags. later, under the baking sun, some water. >> where are you from? >> syria. >> how long have you been at sea? >> three days. >> one week. a clinging onto the bow, child, scared and be wielded, but now able to smile. and then children and women first, the newest syrian refugees were taken to safety. is savingn navy lives, but this is also creating a political problem for the european union. tens of thousands of migrants now know the likelihood is they will be rescued as a -- rescued entry, that is is their point to europe. they are part of a growing number of refugees. the united nations said war and
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persecution in syria, south sudan, and beyond has forced 50 million from their homes. it says the richer countries are not taking their share. finally, they arrived on the navy ship that will take them to land, to europe. >> we were afraid. >> now how do you feel? >> i invite anyone. anybody. >> how do you feel now? >> now, with you? >> better, thank you. >> they fled war and almost died to find peace. italy's asylum system is creaking under the strain. many do not believe they should be let in. but for them, this is the difference between life and death. matthew price, bbc news, with the italian navy. >> 51 million refugees around
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the world, and some of those polled they're just very little children. you are watching "bbc world news america." come, ukraine's president orders the cease-fire of government troops in the east . there are still a question of whether pro-russian separatists will agree to it. today on the west bank, thousands gathered for the funeral of a young palestinian who was killed in clashes with israeli soldiers. it happened during a military operation to find three missing israeli teenagers who were believed to have been kidnapped. grief and anger at this funeral for a 15-year-old boy. theas shot in the chest in latest clashes with israeli soldiers. the west bank, young palestinians have thrown stones when troops have tried to make arrests. and this is what provoked the anger.
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a massive israeli search operation began in palestinian neighborhoods a week ago to try to find three missing israeli teenagers. they are believed to have been kidnapped. the city of hybrid has been virtually closed by the israeli army. >> so many people are worried, afraid. that they might lose somebody. either being detained or killed. >> outside this home in central israel, thoughts and prayers are for the students who disappeared. we spoke with the aunt of a 16-year-old. >> it's three innocent kids. all they were doing is going home from school. minister saidime the missing teenagers had been taken by his country sworn enemy, the islamist movement hamas. although hamas has not said it was involved. but all the palestinian factions are feeling the pressure.
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fury over the israeli raid threatens to open fresh divisions and could break the new unity government. what began as a personal crisis for three israeli families has quickly turned into a deadly political drama. >> today, ukraine's new president petro poroshenko announced a weeklong cease-fire by government forces in the disputed east of the country, part of a sweeping peace plan aimed at stopping the fighting with pro-russian rebels. on the ground, tensions are still high and there is little sign the separatists will lay down their arms. the kremlin has called the deal an altar made him, not a peace offering. daniel sandford reports from donetsk. >> storming through the countryside in eastern ukraine ofay, in the hands
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pro-russian rebels, the vehicles appear to have come across russia, trying to seal the leaky frontier a prayer ready for the new government in kiev. these ukrainian troops have completely blocked the main road northeast from donetsk to the border, but the movement has come at a price. to gain control, they shelled one end of the town, causing extensive damage. the shells have landed in this house and bloated apart. neighbors say that two of the people who were living there were killed. the force of the blast blew the roof across the street. it's further evidence of the increasing numbers of civilian casualties in this low level war in eastern ukraine. presidenthe ukrainian petro poroshenko announced his forces, which have been gaining ground, will now cease-fire for a week.
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flores, turning up at the headquarters of the military operations in the east. the is offering greater autonomy, but in return is asking the rebels to give up their weapons. the death toll had been rising steeply. paused this weeks to return dead bodies under a flag of truce. but despite the heavy losses, immediatelys rejected the cease-fire offer, so the drift towards humanitarian crisis will continue. the rebels most fortified town has no running water and no electricity. donetsk, incaped to a dormitory, but many remained behind. everybody is saying we are going to die here, she told me. they shouldn't be dying. they should all leave.
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ukraine is at a fork in the road. tonight, there is a chance for peace, but it could still slide further into a bitter war. daniel sandford, abc news, then donetsk. bbc news, >> at the world cup, costa rica has been italy 1-0 to secure their progress to the next round. costa rica' of the four-time world cup winners means they are in the knockout stages for only the second time in their history. goal line technology was used to confirm that header by the costa rica and captain. the victory also means that england, bottom of the same qualifying group, will not be able to progress to the last 16. that is a source of great sadness for everybody in england. how much do you hate flying?
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if you're anything like me, the long security lines, crowded terminals, tightly packed planes make it miserable. but there was a time not so long ago when flying was fun, even glamorous. new book "jet set" tells the story of flying a 1950's and 1960's and the people who traveled in high-speed luxury. we spoke to him about the bygone era. >> ♪ come fly with me lets fly, let's fly away ♪ >> there was no one more jet setting in the world than frank sinatra, whose theme song "come fly with me" was the anthem. >> ♪ lets fly, let's fly away ♪ >> the jet set is a term that came into use with the arrival of the jet, starting in 1958. the people who flew one these , it's noted a class of people who were glamorous,
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international con adventurous full top it was a very, very big part of the jet because it was a new plane. >> flight 210 ready for takeoff. >> the jets could go more s vastly more quickly, and everything trickle down to the merc in public and americans took to travel like ducks to public- the american took to travel like ducks to water. >> this is the key to travel in a new age. the jet clipper, bringing the far end of the world within reach of us all. 707he introduction of the was a remarkable innovation and revolution. as important as the invention of the personal computer. you could expand your horizons in ways you never dreamed possible by being able to get on one of these jet planes and fly to europe in six or seven hours, when just years before it was a 15 hour ordeal.
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theew york to london in same time it takes to go to see a baseball doubleheader. >> it was very cheap, relatively speaking, for a trip to europe. it was $500 in the economy round-trip on pan am. $1000 first class. today, first class is like $20,000. the real bargain for the meriting public, the traveling public in general, was europe itself which was still in the postwar doldrums. nothing was inflated in the year since the 1960's like luxury travel. everything even in the lowest form of steerage back in the 1960's was more like what would be considered business class today. the seats were wide and comfortable. they serve drinks and delicious food. you dressed up to go on the plane. it was a special occasion. ly cheaply,an f but you fly badly. >> ♪ up, up and away
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>> somehow, it just doesn't quite look like that when i fly these days. if only it were still so glamorous. talking about the new book "jet set," making us all rather nostalgic for days gone past. it's more of today's news on our website. from all of us here at "bbc youd news america," thank so much for watching. have a great weekend. >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good for over 30 years, kovler foundation, united, union bank, and charles schwab. >> there's a saying around here -- you stand behind what you say. around here, you don't make excuses. you make commitments.
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and when you can't live up to them, you own up and make it right. some people think the kind of accountability that thrives on so many streets in this country has gone missing in the places where it's needed most. i know you'll still find it when you know where to look. >> "bbc world news" was >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet, los angeles.
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